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2014 top ten brands in China jack list


Tongrun TORIN (Tongrun Electrical and Mechanical Group, […]

Tongrun TORIN (Tongrun Electrical and Mechanical Group, the well-known trademarks in China, high-tech enterprises, listed companies, jack industry leading enterprises, Changshu Tongrun Automotive Components Co., Ltd.)
Enerpac Enpac (started in 1910, the United States, the world's leading high-pressure hydraulic tools and equipment providers, large multinational industrial group, utility power (China) Industry Co., Ltd.)
Steel City (founded in 1972, the Ministry of Machinery Industry fixed-point lifting tool professional enterprises, the backbone of the domestic industry enterprises jack, Shanghai Baoshan Jack Factory Co., Ltd.)
Haitong FHM (started in 1987, has the right to import and export of export-oriented manufacturing enterprises, key enterprises in the hydraulic jacks, Fenghua City, South Machinery Manufacturing Co.)
Baoshan (built in 1958, is committed to the development and manufacture of hydraulic tools for professional enterprises, the leading domestic hydraulic tool business, Shanghai Baoshan Hydraulic Tools Co., Ltd.)
Shen Li (built in 1947, the first domestic manufacturer of hydraulic jacks, separation jack industry-leading brand, technology leader, Shanghai Jack Factory)
Hailing (Jiangsu famous brand, Jiangsu famous brand, hydraulic jack industry leading brand, top ten brands, private technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province, Taizhou Hailing Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd.)
Golden Monkey (committed to the development of light and small crane and engineering structure of the enterprise R & D, rack jacking national standards drafting unit, Hangzhou Jinchang Crane Co., Ltd.)
Tianheng (high-tech enterprises in Zhejiang Province, the leading manufacturer of hydraulic jacks, the provincial enterprise technology center, well-known firms in Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou Tianheng Machinery Co., Ltd.)
Kangwang Konwa (focus on the development of auto parts production of professional enterprises, jack industry-leading companies, more well-known Jack brand, Zhejiang Kang Wang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.)
Booz data sorting, in no particular order, the statistics do not participate in any certification competitions, not for any PPC, only for consumers to understand the jack industry brand for reference.