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2T Scissor Jack Only Be Used For Weight Suitable Objects


A lot of people are not familiar with the project 2T Sc […]

A lot of people are not familiar with the project 2T Scissor Jack. This is mainly difficult to link on weekdays. Under normal circumstances, Jack will only appear at the construction site, such as some houses to the ground, part of the building bridge scene. In addition, 2t scissor jack will be suitable for appearing on the road, mainly to help a car accident. Jack can also be said to be a lifting heavy machinery, it is with the gantry crane, the role of the crane is somewhat similar, but Jack will play a greater role.

2t scissor jacks can raise 400 tons of Jack weighing 400 tons of goods, these goods are usually used in the house and above the bridge. As we all know, there are many buildings in the construction, in order to transport reinforced concrete and heavy construction materials, such as local high-speed transport, this time to use the jack. But 400 tons of Jack can only transport 400 tons of goods, more than the weight will have to use other means of transport.

2t scissor jack is one of the most commonly used tools for repair work, with a compact structure and easy to use. But if used improperly will cause heavy objects to fall and hurt the body of the accident. So in use should pay attention to the following questions: the use of the bottom when the jack to pad flat, tough. Oil-free planks to expand the pressure surface to ensure safety. Can not use iron instead of wood, to prevent sliding. Lifting requirements of a smooth, heavy after a few things to check whether the abnormal situation, if no exception can continue to top. Do not arbitrarily lengthen the handle or operate too much.

Several jacks at the same time operations, there must be someone command, so that the rise or fall simultaneously. Between the two jacks to support the wood between, to ensure that the interval to prevent sliding. When using jacks, always pay attention to the sealing part and the pipe joint part, must ensure its safe and reliable. The 2t scissor jack is not suitable for places where there are acids, bases or corrosive gases.