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Check The Floor Jack 3t Should Pay Attention To Matters


What are the requirements for regular inspection of Flo […]

What are the requirements for regular inspection of Floor Jack 3T? There are a lot of people do not know, but I still hope that you can look at the use of jack instructions and other related information, so that everyone is easier to maintain. When you check, if you do not care will cause damage to the jack parts, the height of the jack can rise, it is quite dangerous, so in order to ensure the safety of everyone, we discuss today to check the jack should pay attention to some aspect.

First of all, we need to know that it is necessary to ensure that the floor jack 3t is lubricated and cleaned. So when we check the floor jack 3t, we have to do is clean the jack surface, and then slowly remove the jack around the parts. It should be noted that the oil seal is very fragile parts, so in the inspection and demolition need to be extra careful, not excessive force, so as to avoid damage to parts. And then carefully check the jack of the oil seal and the surrounding parts, if the symptoms show problems, please be sure to repair replacement, the problem will lead to damage to the jack or damage, the jack will suddenly abnormal and cause downtime.

Secondly, we have to check the floor jack 3t of the lubricant. Lubrication can reduce the loss of the jack and increase the pressure resistance, not only for the jack, but also for all the imported jacks. There is one more point to note that the jack can not add too much lubricant. The last thing to note is to cover the exposed jacks. When inspecting the floor jack 3t, do not expose it to contaminants or moisture. If the work is interrupted, cover the machine with oil paper or similar material.

There are customers often said that the phenomenon of oil spills, oil leakage phenomenon is the reason most of the sealing ring, the seal with a long time will be easy to oxidation, oil leakage will occur. Because the seal is a vulnerable part, so the oxidation is normal, there is a reason that the floor jack 3t is in the application of the process of placing the wrong. To solve this problem, you need to prepare a new seal for installation.