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China's jack industry transformation and upgrading of the development of electronic business or the only way


With the development of China's automobile industry and […]

With the development of China's automobile industry and the increase in car penetration, the jack with its lightweight and rugged structure and portable operation, by the users. New quality technology and service requirements, forcing China's jack industry to speed up the transformation and upgrading of the road, combined with e-commerce has become a trend.
Jack, that is, by a certain device to achieve the effect of four or two sets of lifting equipment, widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, automobile manufacturing, vehicle maintenance and other industries. With the acceleration of the industrialization process and development of the jack industry, the road to take the cluster or electricity supplier of the road?
According to the data show that in Haiyan, Zhejiang Province, there are more than 40 machine manufacturers, jack accessories manufacturers nearly 100, annual production capacity of nearly 10 million jack Taiwan, the domestic market share of 52%, Haiyan Of the traditional industries.
In contrast, a company in Changshu, Jiangsu, the annual output is 800 million units, due to expand the e-commerce, product coverage in the world more than 140 countries and regions, is the world's largest production base of the jack.
It is not difficult to find that the same jack products, a mature business enterprise dare to carry out electricity business can be a county with the output value of the industry rival. In addition, the jacking industry cluster, could easily lead to small-scale enterprises generally, quality and safety risks, business mixed situation. At the same time, the jack industry is highly competitive, some enterprises in order to reduce the cost of cutting corners, resulting in product quality instability, leading to product frequency is quality problems.
SMEs do not transition, structural adjustment is also difficult to establish a direct impact on product sales and the existence of the enterprise.Therefore, the development of small and medium enterprises in the market,
Thus, the SME industry jack upgrade, the development of electricity providers or the only way. In China, specifically for the procurement and supply of e-commerce platform jack, and only a lifting equipment factory shop.
In the lifting equipment factory shop, small and medium-sized jack manufacturer can be used as a supplier, as long as the release of high-quality goods in the platform information, all to the factory shop to promote and contact orders. No orders do not spend a penny, there is no trading orders do not spend the same penny.
As the jack buyers, in addition to direct access to manufacturers to enjoy the professional services procurement experience, you only need to online and offline, you can enjoy the convenience of online transactions and freedom, lifting equipment factory store exclusive customer service will be accompanied.
Unique mode of operation, so that lifting equipment factory shop in the jack business circle has established a good reputation, won the trust of many customers. So what? Jack small and medium enterprises as soon as possible to join the factory shop, you can earn an early Grand Slam