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Cleaning Methods Of The Floor Jack Low Profile


A lot of people are not familiar with the Floor Jack Lo […]

A lot of people are not familiar with the Floor Jack Low Profile. This is mainly difficult to link on weekdays. Under normal circumstances, jack will only appear at the construction site, such as some houses to the ground, part of the building bridge scene. In addition, floor jack low profile will be suitable for appearing on the road, mainly to help turn off a car accident. Jack can also be said to be a lifting heavy machinery, it is with the gantry crane, the role of the crane is somewhat similar, but jack will play a greater role. In short, jack's role is very large, in many occasions can not help. The most important is some of the highway, if a car accident, as long as there is a floor jack low profile, you can be very good in a relatively short period of time will be a car accident scene.

Floor jack low profile General cleaning methods is new disciplines involving chemistry, physics, electrical, environmental protection, mechanics and detection technology. At present, the general use of gravity cleaning, working fluid circulation cleaning and no-load operation cleaning method (rough wash, hand wash). Gravity cleaning method. At some point of perfusion cleaning the oil point, the assembly completes the optimum position in the hydraulic system, filling it at some point to quickly discharge the lowest position system, so the number of cycles.

Working fluid circulation cleaning method. Refers to the use of clean car cleaning, cleaning system, respectively, with the oil port connection, cleaning time should be continued before and after the oil filter differential pressure is no longer increased. This car can be done for sale. No-load running cleaning method. Refers to the use of hydraulic system itself to clean, this method requires some lines to remove the hydraulic system, the blind tube should be cleaned separately. For sensitive components (such as servo valve), should be broken in the cleaning circuit, cleaning time is generally not less than 8h.

Select the appropriate cleaning oil viscosity, heating cleaning oil, can improve the cleaning effect. The oil filter is equipped with the appropriate filtration accuracy, washed with a coarse filter and the second with a fine filter. The edge of the cleaning surface with a hammer hit, but not excessive force to avoid pipeline deformation and rupture. And as much as possible to remove the oil removed, with compressed air blowing or processing oil to remove oil.