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Details Of Daily Maintenance Of The Long Ram Jack


People need a year of physical examination once, in ord […]

People need a year of physical examination once, in order to maintain the health of the body, so early to find the problem, early treatment. Long Ram Jack as a commonly used mechanical products, but also often regular physical examination. What should I pay attention to when checking? There are a lot of people do not know, but I still hope that we can look at the use of long ram jacks and other related information, so that everyone is easier to use when the maintenance of the. When you are in the inspection, if not careful will cause damage to the hydraulic jack parts, the impact of hydraulic jack jacking rise, but there is a dangerous existence, so in order to ensure the safety of everyone today, I long-winded a bit. We come to discuss with you about the long ram jack check the attention of the aspects.

We have to remind is that to maintain the long ram jack lubrication and clean it is necessary to ensure that. So when we check the hydraulic jack, we must first do is clean the surface of the long ram jack, and then slowly remove the long ram jack around the parts. We should note that the oil seal is very fragile parts so when the demolition of the time to try to be careful, so in the inspection and disassembly requires extra care, not excessive force, so as to avoid damage to parts. And then carefully check the long ram jack oil seal and its surrounding parts, if the symptoms have been presented, please be sure to repair the replacement, the problem of oil seal will lead to damage to the long ram jack or use is not normal or use the sudden Not normal, so that the operation of the long ram jack is not normal and cause equipment downtime.

Secondly, we have to check the long ram jack lubricant. Lubrication is very important to reduce the loss and increase the pressure resistance, not only for long ram jacks, but also for all imported long ram jacks. Which there is little need to pay attention to the hydraulic jack should not add too much grease may you ask why, I do not explain the problem you go to check to see.

Finally, it is more important to cover the exposed long ram jacks. When checking the long ram jack, do not let the long ram jacks expose to contaminants or moisture. If the work is interrupted, the machine should be covered with oil paper or similar material.