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Do Not Exceed The Weight Of The 2T Scissor Jack


Jack is a lifting height of less than 1m of the most si […]

Jack is a lifting height of less than 1m of the most simple lifting equipment. It has both mechanical and hydraulic Jacks are mainly used for factories and mines, transportation and other departments as a vehicle repair and other lifting, support and other work. Its structure is light and sturdy, flexible and reliable, one person can carry and operate. Jack as a use of a wide range of tools, using the best material casting, to ensure the quality and life jack.

2T Scissor Jack in life need to buy a small group of people, because many places in life are using scissor jack, so many people do not know when to buy, how to choose, because they are scared to choose the poor quality of the 2t scissor jack manufacturers. Choose a good manufacturer, you do not have to worry about its production quality problems. You only need to spend a sum of money to buy a good quality 2t scissor jack, but also do not have to worry about its maintenance problems.

Let's take a look at the 2t scissor jack maintenance methods. You have to do a detailed inspection before using the jack to prevent unnecessary accidents. Weight center of gravity to choose a reasonable choice of the focus of the electric jack, the bottom to be flat, taking into account the ground soft and hard conditions, whether to liner tough wood, placed to be smooth, so as not to subsidence or tilt load. Manual hydraulic jack will be heavy lifting, should promptly support the heavy objects will be supported firmly, the manual hydraulic jack forbidden to use as a support.

In addition to the correct placement of extra-high pressure jacks, multi-top diverter valves should be used and the load on each jack should be balanced to keep the jacking speed in sync. Consideration must also be given to the possibility of subsidence of the ground due to uneven weight, preventing the weight from tilting and becoming dangerous. When using the first manual hydraulic pump quick connector and the top butt, and then select the location, the hydraulic pump on the drain screw tighten, you can work. To descend the piston rod, unscrew the manual hydraulic pump handwheel anticlockwise slightly, and the piston rod will gradually descend. Otherwise, falling too fast will be dangerous. Do not exceed the rated travel when users use, so as not to damage the hydraulic jack.