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Floor Jack 3t Has Self-locking Device


Floor jack 3t is also a hydraulic jack. Hydraulic jacks […]

Floor jack 3t is also a hydraulic jack. Hydraulic jacks mainly use the hydraulic system to do work, usually equipped with manual hydraulic pumps or electric hydraulic pumps for hydraulic transmission. The basic principle of the hydraulic jack is as follows: the hydraulic system uses a hydraulic pump to convert the mechanical energy of the prime mover into the pressure energy of the liquid, transfers the energy through the change of the liquid pressure energy, passes through various control valves and pipelines, and executes the hydraulic actuator. (Hydraulic cylinders or motors) convert hydraulic pressure energy into mechanical energy, which drives the working mechanism and realizes linear reciprocating motion and rotary motion. The liquid is known as the working medium and is generally mineral oil. We also call it hydraulic oil. Its function is similar to the transmission elements such as belts, chains and gears in mechanical transmission.

Hydraulic jacks are hydraulically driven by human or electric power and are transmitted through a hydraulic system. The cylinders or pistons are used as jacking parts. Hydraulic jacks can be divided into integral and split type. The integrated pump is integrated with the hydraulic cylinder; the separate pump is separated from the hydraulic cylinder and connected with a high-pressure hose in the middle.

Is a hydraulic jack self-locking? Under what circumstances is the hydraulic jack self-locking device used? The jack is mainly used in places where it needs to support heavy objects for a long time. It can support heavy loads when oil pressure is removed, and it is safe and reliable. Can be used underwater, single-acting, load retraction, nut self-locking to make the load more secure, especially in large projects, is easy to operate control and hydraulic jack, designed with safety pressure retaining device, built-in relief valve to prevent overload, to protect Jacks for safe operation.

The connection of the device adopts the connection of high-pressure hose and threaded joint, which is quick to use and overcomes the shortcomings of rapid traditional joint oil leakage. It is mainly used for equipment installation in various industries such as power, construction, machinery manufacturing, mining, railway bridges, shipbuilding and so on. Top-down demolition work.