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Floor Transmission Jack Handles Different Cars


The Floor Transmission Jack has a lot of convenience be […]

The Floor Transmission Jack has a lot of convenience because the pump handle length is equivalent to 45.25 inches. Therefore, pumping hydraulic pressure easier, lifting load seamless. The knurled steel handle ensures you have firm grip when using this garage floor transmission jack. Foam rubber covering the aluminum floor jack handle protects the vehicle from any type of damage.

If you have a lowered car, the floor transmission jack will be the correct one to use. This is a durable jack that you can use continuously. All the features of the jack make it ideal for most drivers. It has a solid structure because it is made of high-quality aluminum. Flange side of the vehicle jack side panels, excellent stability. The overall structure of the jack is made of cast iron, making it durable and increasing the stability of the jack. There is an on-line pump to reduce wear and tear, allowing the jack to last a long time. The hydraulic pump is sealed to prevent any form of dirt and dust pollution.

The long neck design of the floor transmission jack allows anyone to use it without having to bend too much. In the end, you will be able to save a lot of time and be able to raise the vehicle above the standing vehicle. When adding an extension, the minimum height will be 9 inches. When you do not need to use it, you can easily remove this long neck. The jack weighs 43.9 pounds and is very useful for mechanical operation.

The sturdy construction of the floor transmission jack allows it to handle different types of vehicles and make it a versatile floor jack. Due to the height increasers integrated into the hydraulic floor jacks, you can upgrade midsize vehicles such as small cars and midsize SUVs. With this jack you will be able to lift so much weight with minimal effort. Jacks can be used continuously and are extremely flexible in use. With an ergonomic handle, you can easily lift the weight. Compact jack for easy storage. You do not need to have too much space to store this garage jack.

In terms of stability, the jacks have caster wheels that increase the stability of the jacks when they are placed. In addition, you can easily manipulate the floor jack as the wheel slides easily. The overall structure of the vehicle jack made of high quality steel, making it stable and durable.