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How To Use Hydraulic Bottle Jack


1. Before use, check whether each department is normal. […]

1. Before use, check whether each department is normal.

2. When used, the rules in the main parameters should be strictly observed. Never over-load or overload. Otherwise, if the lifting height or lifting tonnage exceeds the specified limit, serious oil leakage will occur at the top of the electric hydraulic bottle jack.

3. The center of gravity should be moderate, and the selection of electric hydraulic bottle jacks should be reasonable. The bottom should be leveled, and soft and hard ground conditions should be taken into account. Whether the wood is to be tough or not should be placed in a stable manner so as not to sink or tilt.

4. After the electric hydraulic bottle jack lifts the heavy object, the heavy object shall be firmly supported by the support in a timely manner, and it is forbidden to use the ultra-high-pressure large-tonnage electric jack as a support. If you need to support heavy loads for a long time, please use YZL self-locking jacks.

5. If several electric hydraulic bottle jacks are required to lift at the same time, the multi-head diverter valve should be used, and the load of each large-tonnage electric jack should be balanced, and attention should be paid to keeping the lifting speed synchronized. It is also necessary to take into account the possibility of sagging due to the uneven weight of the ground and to prevent the risk of tilting the lifter.

6. When using, first connect the hand pump's quick connector to the top, then select the position, and screw the oil drain screw on the oil pump to work. To lower the piston rod, loosen the hand pump manually counter-clockwise and the cylinder is unloaded and the piston rod is gradually lowered. Otherwise it will be dangerous to drop too fast.

7. Do not exceed the rated stroke during use to avoid damage to the electric hydraulic bottle jack.

8. During the use of the machine, vigorous vibration of the jack should be avoided.

9. Not suitable for use in workplaces with acids, alkalis and corrosive gases.

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