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Hydraulic Bottle Jack Principle and Precautions


The principle behind the Hydraulic Bottle Jack is Pasca […]

The principle behind the Hydraulic Bottle Jack is Pascal's principle, that is, the pressure across the liquid is consistent, so that in a balanced system, the pressure exerted on the smaller piston is relatively small, and the pressure exerted on the larger piston is also comparable. Large, this keeps the liquid still. Therefore, different pressures at different ends can be obtained through the transfer of the liquid, so that a change can be achieved. The hydraulic jack that we usually use is to use this principle to achieve the transmission of force.
hydraulic jack are divided into: general hydraulic jack, special hydraulic jack.
General hydraulic jack are suitable for a variety of lifting operations with little lifting height. It consists of: 1, oil chamber 2, oil pump 3, oil reservoir 4, piston, 5, crank, 6, oil valve and other major components. During work, as long as the handle is reciprocated, the manual oil pump continuously pressurizes the oil in the oil cylinder. Because the oil pressure in the oil cylinder is continuously increased, the piston and the weight on the piston are forced to move upward together. When the return valve is opened, the high-pressure oil in the cylinder will flow back to the oil reservoir, and the weight and the piston will fall together.
Dedicated hydraulic jack are dedicated tensioning tools that apply tension to prestressed reinforcements when making prestressed concrete elements. Dedicated hydraulic jack are mostly double acting. There are two kinds of pass-through type and cone anchor type.
YZF/QF/DYG series electro-hydraulic jack are widely used in power maintenance, bridge maintenance, lifting of heavy loads, static pressure piles, foundation settlement, bridges and shipbuilding, especially in the construction of highways and railways, mechanical calibration, equipment demolition, etc. aspect.
hydraulic jack should be placed flat before use, can not be tilted, the bottom should be leveled, prevent the hydraulic foundation jacks from tilting or overturning due to the subsidence of the foundation or the load offset, and can be expanded under the pressure of the hydraulic jack. Area, in order to avoid falling or sliding accidents; do not use oil-laden wood or steel plate as a liner, to prevent slipping when the force, a safety accident; heavy lifting position must be a safe, solid part to prevent damage equipment.
hydraulic jack cannot be used as permanent support equipment. If you need long time support, you should increase the support under the weight to ensure that the hydraulic jack is not damaged.
hydraulic jack should be wiped clean before use, and should check whether the various components are flexible, with or without damage, should not be removed when the load quick connector to avoid accidents and damage parts.
When operating, the technical specifications shall be strictly observed, and the user shall check and maintain it regularly according to the use conditions.
Before use, check whether each department is normal.