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It Is Important To Maintain The Hydraulic Bottle Jack


The Hydraulic Bottle Jack is a major lifting product th […]

The Hydraulic Bottle Jack is a major lifting product that is very popular and sturdy in equipment that can be safely used for demanding applications. Large sturdy pedestals and simple height adjustment screws are additional features that increase the functionality of the basic hydraulic jacks. Hydraulic bottle jack and most of the night pressure equipment need timely management and maintenance, then this work has any practical significance? Hydraulic jacks are part of the production and operation of some of the work, it is closely related to the main part of the machine and the electrical equipment. The value of the hydraulic jack is usually 5% to 30% of the total machine.

From the failure of the situation, to machine, for example, about 60% of electrical equipment failure, mechanical parts accounted for about 26%, while the hydraulic bottle jack only 14% only. However, hydraulic transmission is often used in the rotation and linear motion, is the main part of the machine, so even a small fault, but also affect the operation and operation of the machine, directly affect its performance, it should be the most important issue to deal with.

Hydraulic bottle jack hydraulic transmission device is the working oil as the medium transmission power, in addition, the working oil is also the role of lubrication. Oil powder wear, rust, etc., the external dirt pollution, the oil itself due to deterioration of deterioration and deterioration of the formation of sludge, etc., will make the performance of oil deterioration. According to statistics, the hydraulic jack failure, most of the work by the oil management, maintenance caused by bad, so the management of oil, maintenance is very important.

Machine to oil as the medium, must do the maintenance and maintenance of oil to avoid clogging or oil pollution, affecting the use of results. New or long hydraulic bottle jacks, because the cylinder has more air to start using, the piston rod may have a slight jump phenomenon, the hydraulic jack can not load reciprocating 2-3 times to remove the air inside the cavity. Long-term vacant jack, due to the seal will not be due to long-term seal hardening caused by the impact of the hydraulic jack life, so the hydraulic jack is not used, practice 2-3 times.