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Jack Industrial Park construction speed


Yesterday, reporters from the Haiyan administrative exa […]

Yesterday, reporters from the Haiyan administrative examination and approval service center by the letter to the window that the hydraulic power by the Zhejiang Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. invested 200 million yuan Jack Industrial Park, the standard factory building project recently successfully completed the record. The project is located in Haiyan Economic Development Zone (Xitangqiao Street) with a total land area of ​​74,086 square meters and a total construction area of ​​58,750 square meters. This marks the beginning of this year's Jack Industrial Park project into a new stage.

According to the person in charge of the county by the letter to the window, the jack is the traditional industry of Haiyan County, with more than 40 machine jack manufacturing enterprises, jack accessories manufacturers nearly 100, jack annual production of about 800 million units, especially vertical jack production and marketing The amount of the first in the world.

According to Haiyan Economic Development Zone (Xitangqiao Street), the responsible person, Jack Industrial Park, the reason why the site (street), and the local industry development status, and Haiyan and the area (street) hope to achieve the industrial park Jack of the industry to upgrade the file.

Jack industry is Haiyan Economic Development Zone (Xitang Bridge Street), a major traditional industry, has 30 years of development history. May 2003, the area (street) 33 jack company initiated the establishment of the jackets industry associations in Zhejiang Province, Haiyan County, the first provincial-level trade associations. However, due to jack industry generally low access threshold, small scale, scattered business sites and other issues, coupled with the production process of iron ions, oil, paint, etc., can easily lead to environmental pollution enterprises and the surrounding environment, follow the traditional development model has been Unsustainable.

In order to make the jack industry in the entrepreneurial innovation in the revitalization of Haiyan County, increase the jack industry cooperation efforts to create a "joint fleet" to play the overall strength and competitiveness, enhance the industrial level, and strive to build advanced jack manufacturing base.

This year, Haiyan Economic Development Zone (Xitangqiao Street) and Zhejiang Jack Industry Association after the negotiations, the district (street) in the new economic park planning and construction of an area of ​​111 acres of high-end hydraulic equipment manufacturing base, jack jack industry in Zhejiang Province Association, the establishment of "Zhejiang Li Fu Technology Development Co., Ltd.", responsible for the implementation of high-end hydraulic equipment manufacturing base. The development of the park will be in accordance with the "unified organization, unified coordination, unified planning, unified design, unified construction, unified management" principle of the implementation of standard factory building projects, simultaneous supporting environmental protection facilities.

It is understood that 18 jack manufacturers jointly invested 50 million yuan, covers an area of ​​90 acres of a project, is about to start construction. After the completion of the base, at least 18 jacks to attract small and micro enterprise cluster standard development, is expected to achieve an annual output of about 500 million yuan, annual profits of about 32 million yuan. The construction of the industrial park will become a new starting point for Haiyan jack industry development, and strive to make Haiyan jack products sales market share at home and abroad from 70% to 85% or more.

It is understood that the Jack Industrial Park construction, to achieve business transformation, industry upgrading, resource conservation and other multiple effects. Will be concentrated in the industrial park enterprises in the park, with the past, compared to the business alone, can effectively save the land, can effectively achieve the intensive use of resources, especially in the development of enterprises at the beginning, you can use the limited funds in the development of industry, Can ease the pressure on business investment to help companies use the blade to the edge, while the construction of industrial parks can also help not familiar with the plant construction enterprises to avoid the plant construction of this link, the direct use of standard plant production, so that enterprises see the short term Efficiency, boost enterprise development. In addition, the existing way to effectively alleviate the pressure on the park construction funds shortage, and the construction of standard factory buildings for enterprises to use this move, but also in the short term to quickly upgrade the park popularity.