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Learning Safety Precautions Spiral Jack


Principle of use The mechanical jack is one of the type […]

Principle of use

The mechanical jack is one of the types of manual lifting tools. Its compact structure and reasonable use of the swing of the rocker make the pinion rotate and be operated by a pair of bevel gears to drive the screw to rotate and push the lifting sleeve so that the weight may rise or decline.


When using spiral jack, in addition to complying with the precautions for rack jacks, the following safety precautions should also be observed:

(1) Before jacking up the weight, pay attention to the position of the jack and keep it vertical to prevent the deflection of the spiral and the resulting accident.

(2) When lifting the head, use force to shake the handle evenly to avoid accidents and damage to the jack due to up and down impact.

(3) When used, care should be taken not to exceed the maximum allowable maximum load capacity to prevent accidents caused by overload.

(4) When used, the height of the top shall not exceed the mark on the sleeve or the piston. For the jack with no mark, the top height of the jack shall not exceed 3/4 of the total height of the spiral thread or oil plug, so as not to make the sleeve short. Or the top of the piston is removed, causing the jack to be damaged and cause an accident.

(5) Before loosening the jack to make a heavy object fall, it must be checked in advance whether the weight has been firmly anchored, and then slowly put it down to ensure safety.

(6) During use, it must be lubricated with butter to prevent excessive wear and reduce service life.


1. Always keep the surface of the body clean, regularly check that the internal structure is intact, make the pinion in the rocker flexible and reliable, and lift the lifter freely.

2. The friction surface between the lifting sleeve and the housing must be oiled at any time, and other oiling holes should be regularly lubricated.

3. In order to take into account the safety in use, avoid overloading, sick work, should not be used for more than one to avoid danger.