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Lift Equipment 3 Ton Jack Stands


An easy-to-use tool to troubleshoot why your car, 3 Ton […]

An easy-to-use tool to troubleshoot why your car, 3 Ton Jack Stands to help you get to the most likely fix. Whether you're troubleshooting, learning or repairing your vehicle, the repair help section has vehicle-specific information to get you moving again.

The 3 Ton Jack Stands will set you up for auto repairs just like the pros. There are few tasks you will not be able to perform with the heavy duty three-ton jack, jack stands and creeper. If you have ever crawled and squirmed along the gravely road to try and get into a dark, tight spot under the hood, you will appreciate what a great jack, stand and creeper set can do for you. Get out of the dirt, and get into the oil pan with ease.

3 Ton Jack Stands give you the ability to provide safe auto service in your own home. The heavy duty, welded construction of this stable three-ton jack offers 6,000 pounds of pure lifting power. The generously sized, easy rolling creeper is 36 inches long for excellent stability as you slip back to follow that leaky brake line. The built-in headrest on the creeper offers a welcome bit of comfort on the bigger jobs. The jack provides up to 19.25 inches clearance, a great amount of space for ease of space for ease of repair.

The application:

Can be used with SUV, light truck, and automobiles

Features a heavy-duty steel base with anti sink feet

Includes an iron saddle with extended reach