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Maintenance of Hydraulic Bottle Jack


The liquid level of the fuel tank at work should always […]

The liquid level of the fuel tank at work should always be kept on the centerline of the oil mark to prevent the oil pump from emptying. When refueling, the oil filter is used to filter out impurities in the new oil. When used frequently, the oil filter is cleaned once every two months, the oil tank is cleaned half a year, and new oil is replaced.

Hydraulic bottle jack oil pump normal operating temperature is 10 °C -50 °C. If the oil temperature is too high, cooling measures must be taken or the pump must be stopped. When the oil temperature is too low, heating measures or low-pressure operation must be taken to increase the oil temperature.

Before starting the motor, change the directional valve to the middle position. Move several times to prevent the high-pressure pump from emptying.

The working pressure set by the electric oil pump at the factory cannot be arbitrarily increased.

When the high-pressure hose is shipped from the factory, it withstands a pressure test with a rated pressure of 1.25 times. Due to the aging of the gums, users should pay attention to regular inspections and check them once every six months when they are used for a long time. When checking for pressure test, leakage, bumps or blasting must be replaced. When using, should avoid discounts and sharp bends, while not too close to the hose to prevent the blasting from wounding.

When using hydraulic bottle jacks, the bottom should be flat and tough. The oil-free wood plank expands the pressure surface to ensure safety. Can not use iron instead of wood to prevent slipping.

When several hydraulic bottle jacks are operating at the same time, special personnel are required to direct the hoisting or descending simultaneously. Between adjacent two hydraulic bottle jacks to support the wooden block, to ensure the interval to prevent slipping.