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Most Cars Are Equipped With The Scissors Jack


How many times have you pulled out your car with a Scis […]

How many times have you pulled out your car with a Scissor Jack, but realize that the crank is nowhere to be found? Scissors jack no handle, do not let it completely ruin your day, because this dilemma has an answer. What you need to do is find your car jack and see the handle for the crank mechanism. You should be able to place the size of a socket on this section, which allows you to use the ratchet and several extensions to turn the jack mechanism. Then you can step down the vehicle from the ground. Solve the problem unless the socket and ratchet can not be found after the next tire.

Most cars are equipped with scissors jacks. These are enough to boost the weight of the vehicle by a third. Because you just lift a corner, it is acceptable. Reliability and speed make the scissors jack very suitable for body repair, wheel positioning, tire replacement services and body maintenance work. In the case of garages or workshops, bottles or hydraulic jacks are common. Especially the latter can raise heavier weight than the scissors socket and are considered safer.

Scissors jack is the major domestic automobile factory car products, the principles are different. Made of metal plate made of the upper pole and the lower pole. The cross section of the upper strut and the lower bar are rectangular in the cross section of the teeth and the vicinity thereof, and the metal plates on both sides of the opening are bent inwardly. The teeth on the upper and lower struts are made of metal plates bent on both sides of the opening with a tooth width greater than the thickness of the metal plate.

Scissors jacks are small and relatively lightweight. If your car has a spare tire, you may already have one of these car sockets. Scissors jacks are suitable for emergency lifts, such as changing tires on the side of the road. However, they are not the most stable jacks and should always be used on a horizontal ground.