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Precautions Of Installing The Car Transmission Jack


Ask your technician how to use a gearbox jack, pneumati […]

Ask your technician how to use a gearbox jack, pneumatic socket wrench, pry bar, dynamometer, and part cleaner, which are prerequisites for completing a gearbox rebuild, installation, or disassembly. Once the work in the transmission is complete, the transmission must be placed under the vehicle and done with the assistance of a special type of jack.

Use a Car Transmission Jack to raise the transmission to about 60 inches. The distance from the ground is the perfect height to start disassembling or installing the transmission in the car. Use the transmission jack to remove the transmission fluid, inspect the valve body and install the transmission, or start the transmission once the transmission or airspeed space is at the proper height for use.

Connect the compressed air line to the snap-in connector of the transmission jack intake valve. Installing or removing the gearbox using a premium air jack requires that you align the weight to the extension jack jack arm. At the top of the extension arm is a large enough plate to place the drive plate thereon and allow the drive to be secured in one place. Because the gearbox is fixed to the frame, the car transmission jack can easily carry the weight even with the smallest gearbox model.

Place the jack under the raised vehicle so the jack arm can extend to the transmission's fluid tray. Use compressed air to extend the jack and push it slightly upwards to fix the weight on the bolt from the vehicle. Now the transmission can be lifted from the vehicle safety, once the demolition occurs, the car transmission jack can reduce the weight.

Fix the gearbox on the top of the jack. Use the accessory tape or gasket to better fit the transport tray to the top of the transport jack support system. Before moving the gearbox from one area to another, the gearbox must be secured to a car transmission jack to prevent damage or injury from falling equipment.