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Scissors Jack 2 Ton Has Better Lifting Capacity


The 2T Scissor Jack (also known as the screw jack) incl […]

The 2T Scissor Jack (also known as the screw jack) includes diagonal metal elements and hinges connected in diamond form, as well as screws connecting the opposite sides of the diamond. By using the wrench to turn the screw, you can achieve the effect of raising or lowering. Scissors jacks are as standard equipment for most vehicles when you need to replace tires. However, it is worth noting that trucks and high-clean vehicles are equipped with different types of jacks due to their chassis weight and height and both. This particular type of jack acts by converting the rotary motion into a linear shape because when the jack is placed between the solid ground and the vehicle chassis, the rotation of the screw causes the expansion or contraction of the diamond shape, which is then converted into an upward force or downward force.

Compared with the hydraulic jack, lifting capacity of the scissors jack 2 ton has obvious advantages. So if money is a problem, you can consider using a scissors jack until your budget allows you to upgrade. Screw jacks also require minimal maintenance, which only needs to lubricate the screws. Ground jacks may require more maintenance, as there is a hydraulic device that must be checked for leaks, so maintenance costs may be higher. For example, your hydraulic jack may be required, but the process is very simple.

On the other hand, the weight of the scissors jack 2 ton is lighter and the wear can be worn more quickly over time. If you like to do automatic maintenance and repair at home, this may be a major drawback. In addition, the diamond shape although the shape is very strong, but under extreme loads may be more prone to failure. So you may have to consider what you want to lift to avoid the disaster. It is difficult to use a jack frame with a scissors jack 2 ton because the maximum lift height of the jack is usually insufficient to allow sufficient clearance of the jack frame to slide under the vehicle. Therefore, we do not recommend the use of scissors jacks for any type of general maintenance work.

If you feel the only time you need to lift your car is to replace a flat tires, the scissors jack 2 ton may be what you need. For any other person, the small investment in the hydraulic floor jack is absolutely worth it.