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Several Styles And Models Of The Floor Transmission Jack


There are several different styles and models of Floor […]

There are several different styles and models of Floor Transmission Jack, although their purpose may be the same, but their way of ascension may be different. Another possibility is that their lifting capacity and the brackets may be more suitable for adapting to different types of vehicles or applications. Most passenger cars have a very light gearbox that can be effectively handled by lifting jacks from 500 to 1100 lbs.

Models like Ranger RTJ-660 transfer jacks or RTJ-1100 transfer jacks are ideal for tasks like this - the ideal mix of affordability and durability. They have a fully adjustable / sliding saddle and can be easily moved by a single robot. Heavy construction means that they are strong enough to handle the workload of a busy store environment. For applications weighing more than 1000 lbs, the RTJ-1100 gearbox jack also has a space-saving 24-inch base and a convenient foot pump.

When working on large vehicles (such as utilities and fleet trucks), you need to select a transmission jack with a high lift capacity, typically 2,000 to 3,000 pounds. Heavy-duty drive jacks are designed to be completely stable when handling heavier components and are easy to operate when used to ensure that large parts are removed as easily as possible. Heavy-duty transmission jacks are better suited for handling large items, but are still handy and mobile enough to provide services for small cars.

In addition to the lifting capacity of the jack, the other consideration is whether you need high-grade or low-grade jack. The most popular variable jack jack style is vertical style with an upright lift cylinder connected to a mobile multi-casters platform. The less popular low-profile transmission jacks are ideal for workshops without car lifts or truck lifts to lift vehicles in the air. In this case, it is preferable to transfer the jacks to the floor. But when any other transfer jacks do not do this, keep in mind that the best option is the heavy-duty RTJ-3000 transfer jack. With an impressive 2 ton load capacity, this gearbox jack can exchange tasks across trucks and van parts.