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Several Types Of The Car Transmission Jack


What is leverage? I define leverage as using small thin […]

What is leverage? I define leverage as using small things to control or change big things. We all know the examples of car transmission jacks. Because no one was able to lift the car, the car transmission jack was invented based on the principle of leverage, which makes it easy to move the car up. We push the joystick up and down until the car slowly rises. In this article, several common under the Car Transmission Jack.

Most of the tire shops are equipped with horizontal hydraulic jacks, but the horizontal jacks used in the tire shop are often too big. We can go to the Auto City to buy 2.5t or 2t small horizontal hydraulic jacks. Such jacks are extremely large. Handy for tire work. However, I still have to talk about the shortcomings of this type of jack. The horizontal hydraulic jack must work on a smooth surface. This is determined by his mechanical structure. The trajectory of the support arm of this jack is not straight up and down, but an arc, which means that if the jack is stationary with respect to the ground, the support arm and the vehicle body will face each other when they lift. A displacement, so there will be several below the jack of the pulley, with jack displacement to replace the displacement between the support arm and the body. It is best to use a jack in the field when using this type of jack. First, the pressure of the jack can be reduced to ensure that it can work normally in the mud of the sand. The second is to create a smooth surface for the jack to move.

Hand-operated screw jacks can be lifted once to complete the entire tire replacement job. In the wild, if it can be equipped with a piece of wood, you can also accomplish some relief work. In addition the mechanical jack structure is simple, low dust and sand requirements.

Inflatable jack is born for the off-road, unique structure, so you can use it any surface, this surface can be tilted, bumpy. The only thing to notice is that there should be no sharp objects on the contact surface, otherwise the jack will be scratched. In addition to lifting the inflatable jack vehicle, but also at a crucial moment play the role of bridge paving. Inflatable jack design is ideal, but the practical application is difficult to achieve the desired effect, due to the tightness of the inflatable tube and exhaust pipe connection, it is difficult to inflate the air bag to the maximum pressure.