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Several Ways To Use The Floor Jack Low Profile Correctly


If you need to remove a wheel (or two or four), the slo […]

If you need to remove a wheel (or two or four), the slope will obviously not work. Therefore, in the case of the need to dismantle the wheels, the use of Floor Jack Low Profile is the preferred method. First, put the rear wheels behind each rear wheel. And then put the floor socket on the rear of the car jack, and the car up, so that the floor socket placed in the front of the front jack.

Make sure to position the jack bracket to reduce the car to the bracket. Once the stand is in place, slowly lower the floor jack low profile and place the front jack plate on the stand. Once you have determined that the jack holder is perfectly placed, please lower the car until all the floor jacks are lowered. Now move to the other side of the car and repeat this step, starting from the floor socket, from the rear jacks to raise the height of the car so that you can be on the same side of the front jack below the socket. You will notice that the other side has been on a jack, the wheels have begun to go up! Lift until you can clear the top of the bracket.

Or put your floor jack low profile on the rear wheel jack point FRONT, this is enough, once raised behind, you can put the socket under the mat. You can put it on the cracks, just put hockey or something on your floor plywood so that it does not bend the weld. Use the floor jack to slowly lift the rear, place the jack frame, and then let go. You now have three corners, need to get the fourth! There are three corners, the car may swing on a wheel that does not support. Do not worry, the weight of the car will remain on the other two floors, and if you put it right, it will be very stable.

There is also a way to move your jacks down, so that the top cover is just below the rear beam. You should also be in the center of the beam. Absolutely sure that your floor jack is in the right place, the wrong place that could damage anything! It sounds terrible - but once you have done it a few times, you will not even want to make such a mistake. Now raise your floor jack low profile, the two rear wheels should leave the ground, support jack in the center by your floor. Then you can put your receptacle under them.