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Talk About Maintenance Of The Hydraulic Bottle Jack


Hydraulic Bottle Jack refer to jacks that use plungers […]

Hydraulic Bottle Jack refer to jacks that use plungers or hydraulic cylinders as rigid jacks. With a compact, stable, top support force, self-locking and so on. Hydraulic jacks support the top of the strong, heavy hydraulic jacks support more than 100t.

Hydraulic bottle jacks are suitable for lifting a variety of lifting operations. It consists of oil chamber, pump, storage chamber, piston, crank, valve and other major components. At work, as long as the crank handle is reciprocated, the manual oil pump continuously pressurizes the oil in the oil cylinder. As the oil pressure in the oil cylinder continuously increases, the heavy load on the piston and the piston is forced to move upward together. Open the return valve, high pressure oil tank will flow back to the storage chamber, so the weight and the piston will fall together.

Today to introduce the maintenance of hydraulic bottle jacks. Some small hydraulic jack immersed in anti-rust grease, oil film thickness can be achieved by controlling the temperature or viscosity of rust-proof grease, so that the surface of a layer of rust-proof grease adhesion. You can also brush the way. When brushing evenly pay attention to the surface of the hydraulic bottle jack, do not produce accumulation, but also pay attention to prevent leakage Tu. Some large anti-rust material is not suitable for use immersion method of oil, the general pressure of about 0.7Mpa compressed air spray in the air clean place. Spray method for thinner anti-rust oil or thin layer of anti-rust oil, this method must be used.

New or long-term hydraulic jacks, because there is more air cylinder memory, so when in use, the piston rod may be a slight kicking phenomenon, hydraulic jacks can be reciprocating motion without load two or three times to exclude the cavity The air inside. Long-term idle hydraulic jack, because the seal does not work for a long time and harden, thus affecting the service life of hydraulic jacks, so do not use hydraulic jack every month to make it reciprocate 2 or 3 times no-load.