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Tell You To Use The Spiral Jack Correctly


Spiral Jack: Manpower through the screw drive, screw or […]

Spiral Jack: Manpower through the screw drive, screw or nut sleeve as a top lift. Common screw jacks by thread self-locking role to support the weight, simple structure, but the transmission efficiency is low, slow return. Self-lowering spiral jack thread without self-locking effect, but with a brake. Relax the brake, heavy objects can quickly fall on their own, shorten the return time, but this jack structure is more complicated. Spiral jack long-term support for heavy objects, the maximum weight has reached 100 tons, a wide range of applications. After the lower part of the horizontal screw, but also to make a small weight to do a small horizontal shift.

Spiral jack is suitable for rail vehicle maintenance, mining, construction support and lifting of the general use of heavy objects. Due to carry light, easy maintenance, safe and reliable, it is widely applicable to the fluid lifting operations. Such as railroad vehicle replacement bushing, steel beam structure installation support, hull keel heavy machinery assembly, car replacement wheel lift can be used safely and reliably achieve the purpose of lifting.

Spiral jack lifting should pay attention to the rise and fall of the sleeve height, when the lifting sleeve appears on the red warning line, said to lift to the jack of the rated height, should immediately stop lifting, otherwise jack will be destroyed, and may cause danger . Lift work is completed or want to make the heavy objects down, first pull out the handle, the tooth will be down to the direction, and then insert the handle from the flip, jack lifting sleeve then gradually decreased.

Spiral jacks should always keep the ratchet clean, do not stained dust, often filled with oil, so that the ratchet action flexible and reliable. The friction surface between the lifting sleeve and the housing must be lubricated at any time, and other filling holes should be flexible and reliable on a regular basis. Special thrust bearings should always maintain lubrication, under normal circumstances should be removed every year base plus coated grease. Unscrew the lower part of the housing before the set screws. If it is found that the ratchet wheel group is not flexible, the ratchet casing may be disassembled for inspection. If it is found that the lifting and lowering sleeve catcher can not move up and down or the ratchet wheel idling and lifting sleeve does not move, the base should be disassembled for inspection.