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The 3 Ton Jack Stands Are Equipped With A Self-locking System


We all hope that we can have a fully equipped garage wi […]

We all hope that we can have a fully equipped garage with a fancy elevator and all the tools a person can dream of, but in fact many of us (including me) still work on a car on the driveway. Every time you get off in the driveway, it can be very dangerous. You can take some precautions to ensure that your car is properly supported before working properly.

Obviously, setting up a 3 Ton Jack Stands on the driveway is necessary, but many people forget that one thing is to make sure you set the jack or jack the surface is solid and will not sink. 3 ton jack stands may be the most neglected safety equipment project in the garage. Jack can not hold up the car. Instead, they provide safe, fixed support for elevated vehicles. Every time you lift a vehicle, use a pair of jacks and you will greatly reduce the likelihood of becoming a fallen vehicle victim. Simply lift the vehicle and lower it to the jack bracket or bracket. When the time arrives, please lift the vehicle gently with a jack, remove the hanger and lower the vehicle. Be sure to place the rim before working on an elevated vehicle. Obviously, when you put the weight of the jack on top, the dirt will sink, but many people will not consider its impact on the black roof.

The 3 ton jack stands are usually equipped with a self-locking system (ratchet or screw locking system), which will be the main feature of keeping and fixing the vehicle load once positioned. The steelworking tripod of the bracket also plays an important role in supporting and distributing the weight of the car, which will prevent the vehicle from collapsing and swinging. In addition to the self-locking function, some jack brackets also include a separate screw, pin or wedge to insert holes in order to double the safety guarantee.

In contrast to this, make sure that you are on a relatively flat surface when lifting the vehicle and fixing the bracket. Do not lift your car on an uneven surface, or it may cause your vehicle to move / run unexpectedly. For unexpected tire movements, tire housings and wedges are also important for preventing wheel movement / rotation. For safety reasons, be sure to pull the brakes / parking brakes as needed to carry out safe and worry-free vehicle maintenance.