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The Cause Of The Explosion Of The Hydraulic Bottle Jack


The origin of the hydraulic press can be introduced a f […]

The origin of the hydraulic press can be introduced a few years ago, and the owner and inventor of the hydraulic press, Richard Dudgeon, has launched a laboratory. In 1851, he won the patent for his Hydraulic Bottle Jack. In 1855, when he drove his home to a workplace on a train in New York, he did shock the audience. This produces a very strange noise that disturbs the horse and thus uses it for a single road. Richard has confirmed his invention that about 10 people at 14 mph speed singled coal force, Dudgeon's many inventions have been recognized, including boiler tube expanders, filter bushings, pull out the bushes, thick plates Hydraulic holes, all kinds of jacks.

These sockets are mainly used to lift heavy equipment from the soil surface. And most commonly used to change the vehicle's tires. Jack is famous for different names such as Jack and Jack. Today you can find a stronger jack than on the market, used to increase the maximum hydraulic power. Hydraulic bottle jacks in the hydraulic bottle are common because they are located in a narrow space and provide a good lever. You have to rest a longer handle than the hydraulic press and lean up on the lever to provide the lift. With their use you can travel to the elevator more. They are widely used in the construction and maintenance of housing. Also found in search and rescue operations is very useful.

What is the reason for the explosion of the hydraulic bottle jack? First of all from the hydraulic bottle jack two important components of the analysis, that is, hydraulic cylinders and electric pump station, of course, the pressure of the electric pump station will not cause the hydraulic cylinder burst. The main problem is still the problem of the hydraulic cylinder itself.

Mainly the quality of the cylinder itself. First of all, we check the cylinder itself is not crack, some manufacturers of hydraulic cylinders are not part of the entire material forging, is the back of the welding part into a seemingly whole. If the post-processing properly, so that there is a natural cracks, so that the hydraulic cylinder can not afford too much pressure, in use will be prone to the above phenomenon. There is a cylinder wall is too thin, under normal circumstances, the hydraulic cylinder cylinder wall thickness can not meet the requirements, can not withstand the pressure, will easily lead to burst.