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The Floor Jack 3t Has A Rugged Construction


Floor Jack 3T is very handy and useful tools. It is usu […]

Floor Jack 3T is very handy and useful tools. It is usually made of a horizontally placed pump jack assembly that extends between two metal supports. You can find four metal wheels just below the metal bracket, and you can hang the jack on a smooth and rugged surface. It should be noted that the concrete is the floor of the building.

On the other hand, the floor jack 3t is a hydraulic jack. The hydraulic system consists of a set of two pistons, one small and the other is operated on a small cylinder (push), which is passed through the hydraulic fluid to the larger one, where mechanical advantages are obtained and the output piston produces a large force The The hydraulic jack uses this principle, not the direct contact between the pistons, the small piston pump through the valve system to pump the oil into the larger pump. In the floor socket, the piston is pushed to the crank of the lifting pad, and the lifting pad is then lifted. Compared with the screw jack, the ground jack has a great lifting capacity; up to 10 tons or more, the maximum lifting height is also higher.

Compared with the scissors socket, the floor socket seems to have obvious advantages, but each socket has its advantages and disadvantages. The screw jack is simple in construction and makes it quite compact. They also fold the storage, greatly reducing the size, making it easy to place in the trunk. On the other hand, the floor jack has a rugged structure, equivalent to its large size and extra weight. Because of such weight, they have wheels, so do not imagine carrying one in your car unless it is a light aluminum model.

Automotive floor jack 3t should always be used for solid and smooth surfaces, preferably with concrete. For the safety of your vehicle, you need to check your handbook to understand the excellent points of your car floor before you can reach the upgrade. If the jack is placed in the wrong place, it may cause serious damage to the body or landing gear. Again, before lifting, the vehicle should also be placed on a firm and flat surface to prevent the car jack from "kicking out" from the bottom of the vehicle until the desired height is reached.