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The Hydraulic Bottle Jack Is A Simple Lifting Device


The Hydraulic Bottle Jack is a simple lifting device, l […]

The Hydraulic Bottle Jack is a simple lifting device, lifting the height of less than 1m, the top of the steel as a working device, through the top bracket or the bottom of the pawl lift the weight of the trip. There are sub-mechanical series and hydraulic series, hydraulic jacks are mainly used for mining, factories, transportation, vehicle maintenance and other upgrading, support. Light and rugged, flexible and reliable, personnel can carry and operate. As a variety of tools, hydraulic jacks use the finest foundry materials to ensure their quality and service life.

The hydraulic bottle jack is based on the principle of Pascal: the same pressure around the liquid, so that in the balance system, the piston is relatively small, the pressure is small, the greater the piston, the greater the pressure, you can keep the liquid static. Through liquid transmission, different pressures can be obtained from different ends, in order to achieve the purpose of conversion. General hydraulic jack to achieve the principle of power transmission. The mechanical series uses mechanical principles, but not as simple as hydraulic jacks.

Hydraulic bottle jack in the jacking operation, to select the appropriate tonnage of the hydraulic jack: carrying capacity can not be overloaded, select the hydraulic jack bearing capacity is greater than 1.2 times the weight of gravity; hydraulic jack minimum height appropriate, in order to facilitate the removal, the choice of hydraulic jack The minimum height should be adapted to the clearance at the bottom of the weight, and the height of the hydraulic jack is greater than the sum of the thickness of the sleepers and the deformation of the sleepers.

Hydraulic bottle jack should be placed before the use of flat, can not tilt, the bottom to be flat, to prevent the base subsidence or load offset leaving the hydraulic jack tilt or overturned, at the bottom of the hydraulic jack pad pillow pillow or steel plate to expand the pressure Area, so as not to fall or slip and the accident; Do not use the oil board or steel plate as a liner to prevent the force when the slip, the occurrence of security incidents; heavy objects must be elevated position must be safe, solid parts to prevent damage equipment.