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The Hydraulic Bottle Jack User Must Know the Knowledge


When hydraulic bottle jacks are used for jacking operat […]

When hydraulic bottle jacks are used for jacking operation, Hydraulic Bottle Jack with proper tonnage should be selected, the carrying capacity must not be overloaded, and the carrying capacity of the hydraulic bottle jacks must be chosen to be greater than 1.2 times the weight of the weights; the minimum height of the hydraulic bottle jacks is appropriate, and the hydraulic bottle jacks are selected for easy removal. The minimum height should be compatible with the headroom at the bottom of the weight. When the cushion sleepers support heavy objects in the process of lifting, the lifting height of the hydraulic bottle jacks is greater than the sum of the thickness of the sleepers and the deformation of the sleepers.
Why are hydraulic bottle jacks too hot?
Excessive ambient temperature, high ambient temperature, and long periods of high-load use will make the oil temperature too high. Should avoid long-term continuous heavy load work; if the oil temperature is too high can make the equipment idling about 10min, wait until the oil temperature down and then work. Hydraulic bottle jack fault diagnosis and troubleshooting: The hydraulic cylinder is an executive component of the hydraulic system, in addition to the production of its own failure of the hydraulic cylinder, but also related to the entire system, so in the troubleshooting of hydraulic bottle jacks to carefully observe the fault Symptoms use logical reasoning to determine exclusion methods and avoid blindly dismantling. Among the many reasons for the failure of hydraulic bottle jacks, improper installation, use and maintenance are the causes of their failure.
Hydraulic bottle jack lube is very important:
Put the hydraulic bottle jack in vertical state, lower the pump position and the piston until it is completely relaxed, remove the rubber plug of the hydraulic bottle jack, pay attention to inject the high-quality hydraulic oil, install the rubber plug, and regularly lubricate the drive connection. And adjust the screw.