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The Maintenance Work Of The Long Ram Jack


The main power of the Long Ram Jack work from the hydra […]

The main power of the Long Ram Jack work from the hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic cylinders if improper maintenance or improper operation will be wear and tear, thus affecting the normal work of the long ram jack, so the hydraulic cylinder to strengthen maintenance measures, while the operation should also pay attention to some problems.

In order to ensure the quality and quantity of internal lubricating oil inside the hydraulic jack, it is necessary to check regularly by the staff, must choose special lubricants, can not buy or use low-quality lubricants, hydraulic cylinder lubricants selection according to the engine's own performance and seasonal selection The In addition to the correct use of lubricating oil, to reduce the hydraulic cylinder wear and tear also need to keep the oil filter, air filter and fuel filter in a good working condition, especially in some sandstorms more areas, such measures are Pivotal. Because at work, if the surrounding environment is relatively poor, there will be a lot of wind and dust into the hydraulic cylinder cylinder, although the air filter is not a hydraulic cylinder work essential parts, but if only to save fuel and not installed, then sure Will cause the hydraulic cylinder wear.

New or long-standing long ram jack, because the cylinder has more air in the cylinder, began to use, the piston rod may be a slight jump phenomenon, the hydraulic jack can not load reciprocating motion 2-3 times to exclude the cavity of the air . Long-term idle jack, because the seal does not work long-term caused by the hardening of the seal, thus affecting the service life of the hydraulic jack, so the hydraulic jack in the absence of time, every month to the hydraulic jack no load reciprocating sports 2-3 times The When used, do not add partial load or overload, so as to avoid jacking damage in the event of a load, should not remove the quick connector to avoid accidents and damage to the parts.

If you use the phenomenon of air play, you can first relax the pump on the oil drain screw, the pump head up straight down the air to play a few times, and then tighten the oil screw, you can continue to use. Long ram jack is the oil as the medium, must do the oil and the maintenance of the machine, so as not to block or oil, affecting the use of results.