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The Method Of Using Hydraulic Bottle Jack


A Hydraulic Bottle Jack, the use of high pressure elect […]

A Hydraulic Bottle Jack, the use of high pressure electric pump or hand pump supporting the use of hydraulic lifting tools. It is widely used in construction, shipbuilding, metallurgy, mining, petrochemicals, railway engineering, lifting, stretching, compression and other operations. In addition to vertical hydraulic jacks, but also to achieve supine position, inverted position any azimuth tilt. The utility model has the characteristics of simple structure, small volume, small operation force, low labor intensity, flexible and rapid change of piston lift, light weight and the like. Hydraulic jack for the hydraulic control check valve, the configuration of high pressure hydraulic check valve, the piston can stop in any position, is to achieve self-locking positioning, packing and other functions of the key components. Equipped with high-pressure hose hydraulic jack and pump connection quick connector, easy disassembly, flexible and safe operation, away from the workplace, help to ensure the safety of dangerous operations.

Hydraulic bottle jack electric pump station handle placed "0" position, the motor starts (forward reversible) hydraulic oil directly back to the tank. Electric pump no-load operation is normal, the electric pump handle to the "A" or "B" position, the pump output pressure hose corresponding to the work of the hydraulic jack work, again high-pressure hose back to the tank. "Hose and hydraulic jack connector connection A port and hydraulic control check valve connected to the pressure oil below the rodless piston raiser is set, when the handle is in the" B "position, the hydraulic oil from the hydraulic control of one-way The valve connector input cylinder is placed in the upper part of the chamber and the liquid control check valve is opened to form a circuit in which the hydraulic pressure chamber in the cylinder is lowered.

When the hydraulic bottle jack bearing, the top of the piston reaches the required height weight, the handle to the "0" position or close the motor piston to stop lifting and carrying this height, the piston height changes, as long as the change can achieve the handle position.

For non-pilot operated check valves or single acting hydraulic bottle jacks, lift the top (or stroke) to the desired "0" position and shut off the pump to stop working when the piston reaches the required height. Since the top of the long time should be the fixed weight of the pad after the handle can be transferred to the "0" position.