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The Steps To Install The Hydraulic Bottle Jack


Hydraulic Bottle Jack because it belongs to small hydra […]

Hydraulic Bottle Jack because it belongs to small hydraulic machinery, generally do not need manufacturers to install. Unless large, as well as synchronous electric jack, need to be installed, the other small top, can be used directly. But also need to follow the instructions in the requirements of some parts of the installation. What is the installation requirement? The installation is still stressful. Here we come to introduce it.

The installation of the hydraulic bottle jack should be solid and reliable, piping links should not have a relaxation phenomenon, the cylinder mounting surface and the sliding surface of the piston should maintain sufficient parallelism and verticality. Installation of hydraulic bottle jacks should be noted that the center axis of the fixed cylinder for the footrest should be concentric with the center line of the load to avoid lateral forces and the lateral force to wear the seal and damage to the piston. For moving the hydraulic bottle jack, the installation of the cylinder and the moving object in the direction of movement on the same side to keep parallel, the parallelism is generally not greater than 0.05mm / n.

Install the hydraulic bottle jack body seal gland screws, the degree of tightening to ensure that the piston in the whole trip to move flexible, non-blocking and uneven weight is appropriate. Screw too tight, will increase the resistance to accelerate wear; too loose will cause oil spills. Exhaust valve or exhaust plug hydraulic jack, must be exhaust valve or exhaust plug installed at the highest point in order to remove the air.

In the case of high working oil temperatures, one end of the hydraulic bottle jack must remain floating to prevent thermal expansion. Hydraulic jack installed on the machine, you must pay attention to the cylinder and the machine tool rail parallelism and straightness, the deviation should be 0.1mm / full length. If the hydraulic bottle jack on the busbar long tolerance, should be scratching the hydraulic jack on the bottom of the bracket or scratch the machine to meet the requirements of the contact surface. If the side bus is out of tolerance, loosen the hydraulic bottle jack and the machine set screw, unplug the pin and correct the accuracy of the side bus. As long as the correct installation, in order to extend the life of the jack.