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The Use of Suspension Spiral Jack


Suspension spiral jack is a small lifting equipment tha […]

Suspension spiral jack is a small lifting equipment that can be suspended with the vehicle, and is easy to operate, flexible, safe and reliable, suitable for liquidity and long-term fixed lifting operations. It can safely achieve the purpose of lifting, falling and stabilizing support of special vehicles, and is widely used in special vehicles such as military, aerospace and oil fields. Suspended spiral jacks are mounted on special vehicle chassis and are mostly operated by motorists. Due to improper use and lack of maintenance, the jacks are often damaged.

Suspended spiral jacks are mainly composed of a housing, a base, a spiral, a lifting sleeve, a nut, a pair of bevel gears, a thrust bearing, a ratchet, and a stay. Pull the handle, the teeth through the ratchet to promote active bevel gear intermittent rotation, the active bevel gear driven passive bevel gear and spiral rotation, so that the lifting sleeve for lifting movements.

Use caution:

1. According to the lifting weight of the weight and the suspension position of the jack, select the appropriate load capacity and the corresponding height of the jack, avoid overloading.

2. Before use, check whether the heavy object is firm at the place where it is used, and use appropriate padding for the softness and softness of the ground to prevent the jack from slipping or sagging when hoisting.

3. When using, loosen the hanging mechanism and place the jack vertically. Put the braces to the “up” position. Press the arrow in the direction of the shell and turn the ratchet wheel directly by hand to extend the lifting sleeve until the base of the jack is in contact with the pad. Then insert and shake the handle. Things began to rise. If you need to lower, pull out the handle first, pull out the supporter and rotate it in the opposite direction to the “down” position. Then insert and pull the handle, the lifting sleeve of the jack will gradually retract.