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Two Ways To Check The Spiral Jack


The reasons of Spiral Jack need to check: As each jack […]

The reasons of Spiral Jack need to check: As each jack hydraulic fit with the actual size and surface roughness of different seals and dust ring tightness, resulting in different internal jacking resistance, and the frictional resistance with the hydraulic level and the use of time Change and change. The reason that the jacks can extend and retract is that the jacks' pistons elongate under high hydraulic pressure, and the hydraulic pressure of high hydraulic pressure is obtained by pulling the oil gauge of the oil pump.

You can use a test machine to verify. Pressure testing machine accuracy can not be less than plus or minus 2%. Check, you should take the passive calibration method, that is used in the calibration jack test machine, so that the direction of piston movement, friction resistance in the same direction and the actual work, the calibration will be more accurate.

In the passive calibration, the press itself also has frictional resistance, and contrary to normal use. Therefore, the test machine dial reading is not reflected in the actual force jack. Therefore, when verifying the spiral jack with passive method, the standard dynamometer with sufficient tonnage must be used to passively calibrate the testing machine to confirm the dial reading value of the testing machine. Calibration calibration jack, you can read directly from the dial on the actual force and the hydraulic gauge accurate readings.

There are other ways to calibrate using a standard dynamometer. The spiral jack adjusted to work, and then placed it in the middle of the test frame base, and strain gauge standard dynamometer series. The jack, strain gauge standard dynamometer and test frame alignment, and in accordance with the requirements of the Canadian conditions. Jack and strain gauge between the standard dynamometer, pad can be adjusted according to the way needed to adjust the space height, jack piston in working condition.