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Use Hydraulic Bottle Jack Should Pay Attention


When hydraulic bottle jacks are used for jacking operat […]

When hydraulic bottle jacks are used for jacking operation, hydraulic bottle jacks with proper tonnage should be selected:

1.the carrying capacity must not be overloaded, and the carrying capacity of the hydraulic bottle jacks must be chosen to be greater than 1.2 times the weight of the weights; the minimum height of the hydraulic bottle jacks is appropriate, and the hydraulic bottle jacks are selected for easy removal. The minimum height should be compatible with the headroom at the bottom of the weight. When the cushion sleepers support weights during landing, the lifting height of the hydraulic jacks should be greater than the sum of the thickness of the sleepers and the deformation of the sleepers.

2.If multiple hydraulic bottle jacks are used to lift the same equipment, the same type of hydraulic bottle jacks shall be used, and the sum of the rated lifting weights of each hydraulic bottle jack shall not be less than 1.5 times the gravity of the equipment assumed.

3.Hydraulic bottle jacks should be wiped clean before use, and should check whether the various components are flexible, with or without damage, should not be removed when the load quick connector to avoid accidents and damage parts.

4.Hydraulic bottle jacks should be placed flat before use, can not be tilted, the bottom should be leveled, prevent the hydraulic foundation jacks from tilting or overturning due to the subsidence of the foundation or the load offset, and the pressure can be expanded on the bottom of the hydraulic bottle jack with tough pillow or plate. Area, in order to avoid falling or sliding accidents; do not use oil-laden wood or steel plate as a liner, to prevent slipping when the force, a safety accident; heavy lifting position must be a safe, solid site to prevent damage equipment.

5.Hydraulic bottle jacks cannot be used as permanent support equipment. If you need long time support, you should increase the support under the weight to ensure that the hydraulic bottle jack is not damaged.