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Use Scissors Jack To Move Our House


We do not recommend that you weld the Scissor Jack dire […]

We do not recommend that you weld the Scissor Jack directly to the trailer for the following reasons. First, the scissors socket is not as strong as other options. Although they are effective in lifting heavy loads, they are also prone to collapse. Scissor jacks are designed for compact and temporary use. This design is perfect for cars that need tire replacement, even an RV, but this is not a long-term solution. If, in fact, if you read a few car forums, it's hard to find stories of their collapse. Therefore, you should not be overloaded by any vehicles, including only small houses supported by scissors receptacles.

Secondly, a scissor jack with a welding on a trailer can not provide any flexibility to use the jack. For example, if you find your little house, there is a scissors jack that can not work properly because the terrain is something that there is no way to relocate and not move your house.

Third, if your house is not flat and extends the scissors jack, then it will be in contact with the ground, once the level will not be with the trailer into a 90 degree position. This will apply a force on the weld, which may cause the weld to fail prematurely. So in order to properly use the scissors jack, first of all need to hang the trailer (using SUV or bottle jack), and then put the scissors socket in place.

Finally, the welded jack can reduce the trailer's ground clearance. We have seen a few people lose their welding sockets when they experience greater speed collisions or when driving a slant into a gas station. This is usually not a problem with travel trailers because they are usually higher than the ground.

We prefer to use jacks to balance our houses. They are more sturdy, more stable and more attractive than scissors sockets. While we can weld the scissors socket to your trailer, but taking into account the film, and they only allow you to take the scissors socket several times from your truck so that you will level your house and we will not recommend them.