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Use The 6 Ton Jack Stands To Remove The Wheels


Put the car on 6 Ton Jack Stands, instead of working in […]

Put the car on 6 Ton Jack Stands, instead of working in one corner at a time. Whenever you need to visit the car below, you can use the rhinoceros ramp. They are awesome, very stable, safe, indestructible! However, if you need to remove a wheel (or two or four), the slope will obviously not work. Therefore, in the case of the need to dismantle the wheel, the use of floor jack and jack rack is the preferred method.

First, put the rear wheels behind each rear wheel. Then place a floor saddle on the rear of the car and lift the car so that you can place the floor jack on the front jack. It is hard to raise the top of the rear point at the same time to improve the front! Make sure to jack stand to reduce the car to the stand. Also, if you have an ice hockey, you can put the flat part of each Jack stand and then lower it. This means that you have to raise the car a little bit to clear the standing top and place with the ice hockey. If you have a ceiling, the "pad" area is "V" shaped, is uneven, you can try other shapes.

Once the bracket is in place, slowly lower the floor jack and place the front jack plate on the stand. Once you have determined that the jack rack is perfectly placed, please lower the car until the floor jack has been lowered. Now move to the other side of the car and repeat this step, starting from the floor socket, from the rear jacks to raise the car's high enough so that you can jack on the same side of the front jack. You will notice that the other side has been on a jack, the wheels are already on! Lift until you can clear the top of the stand. Put the car on the frame, and now you will only lift the car on the roof. If you need to bring the things in front, you have already started!

Similar to the above steps, but from the front or front of the front and rear direction of the landing gear at the top, the roof placed in a high enough position, put jack stand on the rear socket. Once you stand on the stand, move to the other side and repeat. You should be easy in the background.