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Use The Car Transmission Jack To Correct The Gearbox


The tools required to correct vehicle gearbox defects a […]

The tools required to correct vehicle gearbox defects and how to use gears during operation are special to the job. The transmission workshop will have technical staff to understand how to use the Car Transmission Jack, the air drive socket wrench, the pry bar, the dynamometer and the parts cleaner, which is a prerequisite for the completion of transmission reconstruction, installation or removal. Once the gearbox has been completed, the transmission must be placed underneath the vehicle and with the help of a special type of jack jack.

Use the car transmission jack to adjust the drive to approximately 60 inches. The distance from the ground is the perfect height to start removing or installing the car drive. Use the gearbox jack to remove the gearbox oil, check the valve body and install the gearbox or disassemble, once the transmission or empty gearbox space is at the appropriate height to use, you can start.

Connect the compressed air line to the snap connector of the gearbox jack inlet valve. Use a high-quality air jack to install or disassemble the gearbox to include the weight on the extended transmission jack. At the top of the extension arm is a sufficiently large plate to place the gearbox thereon and allow the drive to be secured in one place. Through the transmission on its frame, even the smallest transmission model, the jack is more likely to carry the weight.

Will lift the center of the jack below the vehicle so that the jack arm can extend to the bottom of the gearbox's liquid tray. Use compressed air to extend the jack so that it slightly drives the transmission and removes the weight from the bolts fixed to the vehicle. Now the transmission can be unsafe from the vehicle, and once the removal occurs, the jack can reduce the weight. Install the transmission on the top panel of the jack. Use an accessory belt or gasket to make the gearbox more suitable for the top of the gearbox jack support system. Before moving the transmission from one area to another, the transmission must be secured to the jack to avoid damage or personal injury caused by equipment dropping.