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Use The Floor Transmission Jack To Remove The Transmission


Removing a gearbox from the car for replacement or repa […]

Removing a gearbox from the car for replacement or repair requires the use of a transmission jack or cradle available from the auto parts store. Whether manual or automatic, the transfer is roughly the same process. It involves removing several parts to get the gap, and then simply removing the engine from the engine and lowering it to the ground.

Disconnect the battery from the truck and lift the truck with the floor transmission jack and support it on the outlet. Disconnect the parking brake cable and the exhaust pipe to allow clearance to remove the gearbox. Remove the shift lever of the manual gearbox, first remove the shift handle, and then slide the transmission out of the transmission. By fixing the fixing screw in place, it can be accessed by pulling up the edge of the internal carpet near the moving shield. Trucks with automatic shift gears need to remove the shift cable from the transmission housing below the truck. This is achieved by pulling it out of the transmission housing.

Use the floor transmission jack to support the transmission, and then remove the transmission from the forklift's engine. In S10, there is a hanger that holds the catalytic converter on the transmission. Remove the transmission bracket from the bottom of the truck and lift the transmission gently with the floor transmission jack. This will provide a clearance to remove the transmission support beam. Pull the cross from the frame and put it aside. Remove the drive shaft from the drive knuckle. Check that all wiring is disconnected from the transmission and then pull the gearbox jack to the rear of the truck to separate the gearbox input shaft from the engine. Push the drive slowly down to the ground and pull it out of the truck.

The installation of gearboxes is very difficult because they are awkwardly placed in the center of the car (FWD complications occur later). It is also heavy, need to be promoted, and then push with the engine. Typically, the transmission needs to be fully aligned with the crankshaft in the engine to slide together. When you are on the back, it is very difficult to put a few pounds of greasy metal into the air, both sides almost no space.