Since 2006,EPONT Jack is a professional automobile maintenance equipment(hydraulic jacks,engine crane) manufacturer.

Other Lifting Equipment

The height of the car creeper is low, which guarantees its good traffic ability and can easily pass through the bottom of the car. It is suitable for almost all types of automobiles and it can not only for household use, but also for 4S stores.

The frame of the car creeper is made of iron pipes, which can bear the maximum weight of 300 lbs and it can be used by an adult man lying on it. The surface of iron pipe is covered with paint, which can prevent rust and increase service life.

There are six universal wheels at the bottom of the car creeper which are flexible and mobile. You can control the car creeper to check every corner of the car chassis without leaving out any safety corner.

This shop press is designed for straightening, bending, pressing, and stamping.

Customized other lifting equipment manufacturers from China
Customized other lifting equipment manufacturers from China
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